WPG History

Started in 2012 by Wayne Silver, WPG operates in Bucharest, Romania – one of the fastest growing countries in the world for outsourcing solutions. Wayne is an industry veteran of over 30 years, who recognized the unique skills and advantages of being located in Romania. Romania is part of the European Union, meaning it provides a stable political and economic environment as well as a continuously improving infrastructure. However unlike Western Europe, where prices and the cost of living are becoming prohibitive, Romania has retained its Eastern European affordability, allowing it to compete world-wide in the fast-evolving landscape of the out-sourcing business.


Before founding WPG, Wayne was looking for a small, boutique sized contact center to support his own customer base of Long Distance telecom subscribers. After years of dealing with constant staff turn-over and poor quality when he out-sourced to India or Philippines, he decided to start his own call center in Romania.

 What started out nearly 10 years years ago with a dozen people supporting Wayne Silver’s own organic telecom business, has grown to 100+ staff currently servicing a variety of industries. WPG’s team speaks 10+ languages and offers a wide range of services and solutions to many industries, while Wayne’s original telecom business Encore Telecom continues to thrive, it now represents a fraction of WPG’s business!