The Management

Wayne Silver – President and CEO

The Owner, President and CEO of WPG is a successful entrepreneur, also President of Encore Telecom Inc. and President of Navatalk. In 1994 he also founded Phonetime a USD 300 Million public company (TSX:TEL). He has tremendous experience in Telecommunications, the Photo/Video and Spa Industries. He has strong skills in growing start-ups, in marketing & branding, as well as in business development and sales. Wayne is a Professional Electrical Engineer that has built over a dozen companies during his 35+ years career.

He has embraced Bucharest and Romania following his marriage to a Romanian-origin woman and he has become a leading foreign employer in the country over the past 5 years

Robert Spekman – General Manager

Joined, WPG in March 2018 to lead the WPG Team.

Over 25+ years experience working at all levels of Call Centre, starting his career as an Agent and working his way to senior management including being partners in his own Call Centre.


For the past 3 years he has been working in Scotland with a team of 100 agents , wherein he had to manage “events” and wide fluctuations in staffing and shifts. Previously, he was the Manager of LEGO’s Call Centre for 3 years where he managed teams speaking 12 different languages. LEGO is the World’s #1 rated Brand and the best example of what WPG aspires to achieve with its Support Team!

He was born in the Netherlands and is fluent in Dutch, English and German.