Surveying and Recruitment

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With the aid of the Survey service, you can periodically find out information from existing customers or prospects, based on which you can conduct complex analysis to help you increase the sales or your customer’s satisfaction level. The information can be adapted so that you can analyze the results and identify the market trends, as well as the customers’ perception.

Being a quantitative and qualitative research method, surveys are based on representative samples. They are an extremely efficient data collection tool used to gather information about individuals, institutions, products or companies. They are also used by most businesses to probe the opinion of their clients concerning the image of the company as well as the services and products that they provide.

WPG conducts cross-sectional as well as longitudinal surveys, for companies in the business to business and business to consumer markets. Therefore you can use our services to gather the information you need to decide on the future market positioning of your company’s products and services.

Up to this point, we have conducted over 500 national and international survey projects that had their say in the experience we have acquired with market research projects, marketing research, recruiting members for various panels and communities, public opinion and election polls.

Each project is unique, this is why we kindly invite you to contact us to establish together the most appropriate terms for the development of the project.

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