If we’re talking about motivation, it’s quite clear that this skill is required to fulfill work assignments in any industry. However, the Customer Support / Call center may be a branch in the field of communication that requires even a higher dose of motivation.

To be part of a team requires a great ability to understand properly your role

There are many strong arguments for this assumption. First of all, to be involved in a call center team requires not only great abilities of communication but also patience, understanding of customer’s requirements and most of all a positive attitude oriented towards proactive actions.

Why take that assumption into consideration? Because this position implies direct communication with people. Whereas they generally respond differently in various circumstances, employees must face up to any challenge. Customer service, therefore, may be seen as a bridge that effectively is linking the company to its customers. So, to sum it up, it plays a significant role in the proper functioning of a company.

Undoubtedly such a job isn’t suitable for everyone. What’s going to happen if someone provides the wrong information, or maybe the answers won’t be quite adequate for the person on the other end of the call? Obviously there will be tough tasks to complete, and in that case, the aim should be pointing at keeping up your motivation to reach the results you have set for.

Let’s pretend that we’ll meet Mike today

Mike is one of our employees from The Customer Support Department. Mike is someone who pays particular attention to details, that’s because Mike is getting in touch with a lot of customers day by day, he is facing various requirements and has to find solutions for any kind of situation. But Mike has them all: amazing communication skills, emphatic sense, patience, an eye for detail, enjoy teamwork and he can adapt to a complex environment at work.

Is motivation a part of his innate qualities package? Apparently, Mike managed to build his motivation resource over time.

How can that be done? To be motivated to work in this field should rely on the pleasure of performing specific activities in the scope and achieving objectives in accordance with personal skills. And remember, the interaction between team members is a factor which always leads to effective actions in favor of workflow.
The virtue of being sociable and effective cooperating with others is bound to personal performance

One of the most important activities that need to be carried out within a customer support team is related to communicating with people and solving their requirements.

So the virtue of being sociable and effective cooperating with others is bound to personal performance. Nevertheless, being part of a team is a great source of motivation increase, because it isn’t all about cooperating with your co-workers, it’s also about competing with them.

Typically employees are making some comparison between their work and others’ work, and those can be people having the same job or even different types of responsibilities, but this form of comparison is mostly a useful method for gaining motivation if it isn’t taken to a bit of an extreme. Moreover, the job of customer support claims a high self-efficacy level. This is directly proportional to positivity and commitment to what employees are facing at work. And that is actually represented by the belief that they are able to fulfill any specific tasks will get them to work harder.

If someone owns a major lack of effectiveness in their activities, they won’t be motivated enough to get involved, thinking that they are not capable to do a good job.

Searching ideal solutions for staff motivation, the missing piece may even be something that people use since forever: setting goals. Not only employees but common people also motivate their attitude and their way of handling things by goals and personal aims. In this way, even Mike has figured a list of professional targets to reach. His objectives ranged from “I will express myself clearly and frankly today” to “This week I will exceed my own abilities by adding more successful calls to my previous ones”.

A way to motivate customer service teams is possible through appreciating team members performance

Another way to motivate customer service teams is appreciation. In fact, people whose work is valued are more likely to give more and work harder. To acknowledge your teams initiatives and work is the best thing a manager can do in order to maximize the team’s results.

Competition plays an incredible role in motivating staff working progress. If people are motivated to work for something more than their salary, they’ll be driven much more to accomplish their tasks. A monthly reward for the members of the team that achieve the greatest progress, best results or most sales may be the best idea. Not only that the employees will compete for the bonuses but also they will be more satisfied with their work.

To conclude, customer support or call center is the very first contact between company and customers. In order to motivate your team is important for them to have their goals set, a competitive environment which stimulates their work and where they feel respected and appreciated.