WPG Racing Solutions – Contact Centre Support Services

WPG Racing Solutions (WPG-RS) – offers a wide variety of Contact Centre solutions focused directly on the racing and esports Communities. Simply “saying” you provide customer service isn’t good enough to support racing and esports. Fans are knowledgeable, zealous and very passionate. As the world-wide contact centre for the premier racing enterprise- we have learned that fans of racing and esports expect equally engaged agents that “speak their language”. For them, we are developing a team of agents that are also “super-fans”. As part of our commitment to racing and esports, WPG Racing Solutions has built, from the ground-up, a custom designed contact centre that immerses our nearly 100 agents in “everything racing”! Our list of services is evolving just as quickly as the industry and our team of professional can design a support program for any requirement.

Service Racing Esports Description
Contact Us– email, chat, voice and Twitter ✓  Responded to email enquiries

✓  Respond with Live Agents in Real-time to Chat enquiries

✓  Answer inbound phone enquiries with Live Agents in Real-time

✓  Respond and engage fans in real-time on their Twitter comments

Multilingual support 8 8 Currently we offer support in 8 languages; English – Spanish – German – French – Russian – Italian – Arabic – Romanian. Additional languages can be offered as required.
“Virtual” Receptionist Act as the main switchboard operator and “virtual” assistant for inbound enquiries.
Social Media Management A full suite of Social Media support/updates for; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, etc.
Outbound Calling Agents call fans directly to respond to their general enquiries.
Sales Calling Agents call fans directly to respond to their purchasing enquiries.
Survey/Research Calling Agents call fans directly to survey them on any topic pre and post event.
UX Research UXUser EXperience Research on the look, feel, the presentation and interactivity of a product/service or website.
CRM/Zendesk Support Zendesk set-up and CRM Support in-house
A/R Collections Service Collections Services for overdue and delinquent accounts
Telecom Services Telecommunications Support though our sister Company Encore Telecom including;

✓  Low International Wholesale Long-Distance Rates

✓  Inbound Local Access DID numbers form over 100 Countries

✓  Inbound Toll-free 800/ITFS from over 100 Countries

✓  UFIN – Universal Free International Number from over 70 Countries

Service Racing Esports Description
EsportsSupport Services ✓  Login Support

✓  Trouble Shooting – Software, hardware and streaming issues

✓  Billing Management support -Sales, Refunds, Credits, Coupon/Vouchers

✓   Fraud – Suspension support

✓  Game issues – crashes, bugs, patches, fixes, etc.

✓  Tips and Tricks support.

Product Testing ✓  A Team of staff to “play” and test products

✓  Participate in esports pre-event simulations

Quality Assurance ✓  Focus Group Testing

✓  Collate and Categorize Quality issues for the Development Team

Content Moderation ✓  Monitor all media streams for “bad behavior” acting as the moderator/censor.

✓  Flag and block fans that breach company and social standards.

EsportsEvent Calling ✓  Contact Sponsors to introduce your esports event.

✓  Contact Team Managers about the events

✓  Contact Attendees to follow up on their inquiries to answer their questions and “sell them” on attending events.

Enhanced Services ✓  Merchandise Store –sell Merchandise to your Fans

✓  Ticket Sales – sell tickets and packages to attend your events

✓  Travel Services

Embedded Staff Support ✓  Assisting in the Job Placement – interview and hiring processes for full-time, part-time and consultants.

✓  Accounting, Banking and Legal Support.

✓  Office Space and facilities to work in.

✓  Internet, VPN and Telecom Support on-site.

✓  Equipment Purchasing Support from local vendors.

✓  WPG-RS – Supervision Monitoring.

✓  Use of our Training Facilities by your own trainers.

✓  COST+ Hiring option on WPG RS’s own payroll if required.

Loyalty Programs ✓  Working with a 3rd Party – WPG-RS can help implement a variety of Loyalty programsfor your fans