Our Work

As part of our ever growing cross services to our clients, we have increased our efficiency and knowledge about multiple industries and businesses worldwide. In the past 5 years we have supported projects in a wide variety of Industries: Medical/Dental, Surveys, e-Commerce, Search Engines, Financial, IT, Jewelry, Television, Forestry, Telecom, Real Estate, Automotive, Translation and International Transportation.

From large scale and short deadline CATI surveys, to multilingual Customer Care programs, to B2B and B2C very targeted telemarketing and telesales projects, we have managed to successfully deploy and implement different plans, and provide our customers with positive feedback and results each time.

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We have successfully carried out in only 90 days a survey that required over 200,000 calls and 3,000 recruits for one of the largest TV stations in the North America using a staff of 60. At the end of the study, our client was able to statistically analyze the results and gained a very thorough perspective on the data, which enabled them to act on their future TV shows and customize their programs grid in accordance to audience profile and preferences.

WPG has been involved in the financial sector as well, working with commodity traders and Forex companies, for which we generated leads, and closed sales deals. We also acted as debt collectors for companies in the banking sector.

Some of our well-established clients requested us to quickly plan and deploy audience building solutions for various networking events or industry related conferences, while working on exceptionally tight deadlines.

In brief time-frames we have built a contact data-base with possible attendees respecting client-provided “decision maker” profile. We also called, introduced our client and successfully invited the contacts to attend the event, following-up with them afterwards for feed-back or meeting appointments.

Our customer support services have helped lots of businesses by acting as in-house support departments in multiple languages. We successfully run up to 9 languages per program, working with different time zones. We have catered for the world’s leaders in telecom long distance calling, for manufacturers of medical devices, for the printing or customized jewelry industries.

As Customer Support agents interact directly with your customers, we take great pride in our long term commitments with innovative and ever growing e-commerce retailers.

With an excellence mentality in customer support and a well-trained multilingual staff, as well as with the right helping attitude, we have reached our client’s targets and objectives, while constantly obtaining good reviews for our staff and all in the same time being able to ramp up or down as work volumes requires.

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