Romania is known as a country with a population of young and motivated multilingual staff that typically speak 2 to 3 languages with a neutral European accent. A high percentage have completed or have some level of University education and the workforce in Romania is known for their strong technical skills. WPG Racing Solutions office is located in central Bucharest minutes from 2 major N-S, E-W Metro lines where we can hire staff from every region of the city including students for event weekends from the many Universities and Technical Colleges in a 30km radius.

Hiring just any “warm body” to support Racing and eSports Fans is not good enough. Our Fans are passionate about their sports and expect an equally zealous agent to answer their questions and resolve their challenges. Our Human Resource team place Job Ads that reflect that philosophy. We stress we are looking for agents that are “Bold, Audacious, Charismatic and Intense” and in our Ads we challenge candidates: “if they have what it takes to support the best Fans in the world then they should apply”. Prospective team members learn during their interviews that they we be working with a dynamic work schedule that means they will be scheduled on weekends and evening/midnight shifts as necessary to meet the schedules of our Customer’s own events that can take place anywhere in the world in every time-zone.

We invest heavily in training our staff and have built a word-class multi-function training facility where we can train 2-24 staff at once. Our Senior trainer has developed programs in conjunction with our customers to teach the hard skills they require. More importantly, we teach our Agents the soft-skills necessary to engage the fans properly with passion and knowledge. This includes teaching them the proper voice tone and words they should use to speak and write to Fans who enjoy to have an interaction with our staff that is “edgy and fun”. We also send our staff for outside training courses, such as: “leadership”, “communication” and “team motivational” skills. Staff also have a program where WPG RS will subsidize their education for courses they wish to take outside our own curriculum.


We foster a “competitive and fun” environment with our staff. Just like any Race Team, we encourage teamwork and mentorship. After each event, outstanding agents are acknowledged and rewarded in front of their peers on our own “Winners1st-2nd-3rd” Podium” we had built in the Call Centre – repeat winners get onto our “Wall of Fame”. We have off-site team-building events and offer season long attendance bonuses to staff that show strong adherence to working our Race Event schedule.


Our WPG RacingSolutions Staff are led by our General Manager Robert Spekman, a well-respected veteran in the Contact Centre business with over 25 years of experience. Robert started his career as an agent and over the years worked his way up through various organizations. He became a WFM, Work Force Management and Staff Efficiency expert and continually grew into more senior roles, until co-owning his own Call Centre in the Netherlands. For Family reasons, he chose to sell his company and re-locate in the UK, where he managed the worldwide Contact Centre for LEGO™️ with a large team of 12 different languages. LEGO™️ is one of the 10 most respected brands in the world and he has educated our WPG Racing Solutions’ team on the importance of protecting and enhancing our customer’s brands through excellent customer support. Most recently Robert worked for a company whose focus include sports event management, where he developed the added skills of managing and growing a staff as much as 10-fold over a weekend event. He is fluent in English, German and Dutch. Robert’s career portfolio makes him the perfect leader for our WPG Racing Solutions Team!