We offer a wide variety of direct and indirect service to the Racing and eSports Industry in up to 9 languages and when required we can hire additional support languages requested by our customer. These languages include;

English – Spanish – German – French – Russian – Italian – Arabic – Romanian – Turkish

Our services include



  • Email/Chat support
  • Voice – live operators and after-hours voice mail follow-up.
  • Order/Sales desk for services and products including subscriptions, merchandise and event tickets.
  • 1st and 2nd level Technical support for basic and detailed product support.


  • Surveys, Customer follow-up and Outbound email support
  • Voice – live operators and after-hours voice mail follow-up
  • Outbound Sales – Voice and email
  •  For our customers that do not have their own CRM platform. WPG RS has its own platform to load their databases to place and record calls


  • eSports Product Testing
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Translation Services

TELECOM SERVICE (through ENCORE TELECOM - our sister company)

  • We offer significant Telecom and Data cost saving.
  • Low “Wholesale” cost per minute IN and OUT based on our purchasing power of over 200 million minutes per year
  • Inbound Local DID Phone numbers in over 100 Countries
  • Inbound Toll-free ITFS 800 numbers in over 100 Countries
  • Inbound Toll-free single number for the USA/Canada
  • Inbound UFIN Toll Free numbers available for single – same number access from 70 Countries
  • VoIP Enterprise Service is available for our customers offices that include hotline directly to WPG RS.
  • Data Network and Bandwidth support is also available for our customers from our Telecom partners all over the globe.


  • Merchandise Store –to sell Merchandise to your Fans and we can help you develop your “virtual store”.
  • Ticket Sales – sell tickets and packages to attend your events
  • Social Media – staff dedicated to managing and enhancing your multiple social media feeds
  • Travel Services – Through our association with Travel Agencies who our part of the “Virtuoso™️ Network” who are part of an elite network around the globe we have the ability to support basic travel, and complete event packages for your Fans.