Simply “saying” you provide customer service isn’t good enough to support Racing and eSports. Fans are knowledgeable, zealous and very passionate. They expect equally engaged agents that “speak their language”. For them we are developing a team of agents that are also “super-fans”.

Our commitment to the Racing and eSports Industry extends far beyond hiring agents to respond to simple questions and challenges.

  • It starts from the ground up with a custom-built facility dedicated to Racing and eSports.
  • Right from the beginning with our HR Department, place Ads with an edge to attract only the “right type” of staff to apply. After hiring over 100 staff our HR Team know what makes a great agent for our Industry.
  • Our Management Team understand the power of our customers’ brand as many came from larger companies whose “brands” are considered “Top 50” worldwide.
  • Our commitment to Training programs quickly bring new agents “up to speed”. We have our own senior Trainer that focuses on our customer’s services but includes training on the unique soft-skills required to deal with Racing and eSports Fans. We have a mentorship program where new agents are coached and work with our more senior staff and team leaders. We believe training is an ongoing commitment and bring in outside guest trainers as well as sending our staff to outsourced training programs.
  • We have developed our own “Quality Assurance–Racing Score Card” that grades our agents on more than simply KPI’s and quantity. We believe a Racing and eSports Agents should be graded on their “track performance” where the quality of their interaction with the Fans is not simply how many calls or chats they answer.
  • Our services include a wide range of support for inbound chat/email and voice service and outbound includes interacting with the fans for sales and service.
  • We provide a low cost world-wide Telecom Network through our sister company Encore Telecom who manages a telecom network that processes over 200 million minutes annually. We provide inbound local and 800 toll-free numbers from over 100 Countries and through their relationship with large Telco’s in each country it can be extended to building a high-speed data and equipment colocation in .99999% up-time facilities across the globe.
  • Our support extends to Social Media Support, Merchandise Sales and Travel Services
  • Our commitment to our Customers extends far beyond simply hiring our own staff. Our unique embedded staff – managed service support for our Customers that wish to hire their staff in Romania.