A fact is for sure: done professionally, customer service can tremendously boost a company`s bottom line. Even though many people don`t think it would have a profound influence, good customer service is linked to business success.

It`s a vital element for business`s operations that can affect how your company appears in the public eye. Many companies have suffered because of poor customer service, as a Forbes article reveals: bad customer service is costs businesses more than $75 billion a year. (https://www.forbes.com/sites/shephyken/2018/05/17/businesses-lose-75-billion-due-to-poor-customer-service/#131ed99816f9) Why? Because, nowadays, customer interaction plays a critical role in order to replace the void left by the digital age and the internet.

How Customer Service helps your company having success?

Helps in keeping customers

Marketing and advertising bring you clients, customer service helps you keep them! Gaining customers is usually much more expensive than keeping your current ones. That is one of the reasons that providing good customer service is important. If they receive good treatment, they`ll continue to do business with you.

Generates trust and loyalty

A loyal shopper is super important in any kind of business. If you provide excellent customer service, then your business will be viewed as a consumer oriented company. Customer service generates trust and loyalty among your clients, thus they will recommend your brand. According to PR Daily (https://www.prdaily.com/report-83-percent-say-word-of-mouth-influences-their-purchases/), a report shows that 83% of people say word-of-mouth influences their purchases.

Helps in branding

Good service may boost and transform your brand. How? Customers frequently share opinions online via social media, which means everything about your company is spread quickly. How a little mistake can damage your company, likewise a good treatment can boost your company`s reputation. A quality customer service provided may ensure satisfaction which translates in happy clients. And happy clients become organically brand advocates.

Problem solver

Customer service helps in educating and engaging with customers in case of a problem. So, if a client doesn`t know how to use your product or faces any problem in using your service, the purpose is to make sure they`ll will receive the needed information. Therefore, customer service solves problems.

In conclusion, customer service is truly connected with business`s success. If you`re defining success by customers’ opinions on your overall brand, providing professional services to your clients will rank you as a successful company.

Our team, at World Phoning Group, acts as an extension of your company by introducing your product and brand to new prospects and existing customers. We use a well-crafted approach, which combines business communication best practices and the right amount of personal touch required to gain personal involvement from your potential leads and jump-start the relationship. We like to call this “our social selling approach”.