General Inquiry Handling

Inquiry handling is the same as information centre handling and is the most basic of inbound call center services.

All the inquiries of customers are handled appropriately and precise information about the product and service is given to them.

Inquiry handling is a key function for an inbound BPO Contact Center. All that customers need to know about the products and services is available from these information centers. The customers are satisfied and pleased by this and hence they will go for the order or service you provide. The effectiveness of inquiry handling directly reflects into your bottom line by bringing in new business and generating new customers.

The tailor made training imparted to client representatives enables them to have a meticulous understanding of the product or service they are assigned to and allows them a flawless delivery of information to your customers. The information is double-checked so that it can be delivered fast and that it meets your requirements.

We specialize in customer relationship management and the inquiries handled by us help in arranging and organizing the gathered data. It thus provides excellent insight into the buying trends of the customers. Our clients benefit significantly as they are able to intelligently tweak or mold their products and services to suit the current buying pattern and behavior of their customers.

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