Developing and supporting an OTT or eSports program requires manpower and money– allot of it! For our Customers we offer a unique embedded staff – managed service support that wish to save money and find talent by hiring their own staff in Romania.

Programmers are expensive, especially in Western European and North American Countries. Romania has become a fast-growing international hub for many of the top Technology and IT Companies with tens of thousands of Romanians employed as S/W programmers and tech support.

Hiring Technical staff in Romania can literally save a company hundred’s even millions of dollars. Romania still has a lower cost Eastern-European wages base but unlike other Eastern European countries that have been popular for developers, it is a member of the EU with stable banking and infrastructure. There are a large number of Technical schools within 30 minutes of WPG Racing Solutions office to draw from. Romanians have a reputation as excellent S/W developers. Just as important, are also known for their loyalty and hard work, an important consideration when even a single staff member leaving can cripple product development and cost $10’s of thousands in delays.

For our Racing and eSports Customer we offer them the option to hire their OWN Staff in Romania and embed them in WPG Racing Solutions offices.

Enhanced Support Services includes

  • Assisting in the Job Placement – interview and hiring processes for full-time, part-time and consultants.
  • Accounting, Banking and Legal Support.
  • Office Space and facilities to work in.
  • Internet, VPN and Telecom Support on-site.
  • Equipment Purchasing Support from local vendors.
  • WPG RS – Supervision Monitoring.
  • Use of our Training Facilities by your own trainers.
  • COST+ Hiring option on WPG RS’s own payroll if required.