Become part of the Spectacle of the World’s Fastest brand!

This is truly a unique career opportunity to join our F1™ team and work with the best fans and the “fastest” company in the world!

Who’s excited about the race season? We surely are!

Even if you are passionate about F1™ or not, this is truly an unique opportunity to work with one of the most famous brands in the world and one of the best contact centers in Europe!

In your role as a Customer Support advocate for Formula 1™, you will need to be Commanding, Charismatic, Audacious and Intense, just like the awesome pilots you will see all through the race season of 2019!

You’ll assist the F1™ fans with all sorts of questions, through the designated Zendesk ticketing platform, via chat, email and phone!

As the communication will be mostly in English, your written as well as spoken language levels should be excellent.

We’d love to give everybody a chance, but in order to be our colleague, you need to:

-Be available to work during the night and during the weekends (some of the races will be on a different time zone);

-Be available to join the training week in full time mode (8 h/day) starting with 1st of March.

Job description

You will:

· Deal directly with customers either by telephone or electronically;
· Respond promptly to customer enquiries and complaints and resolve them accordingly;
· Process orders, forms, applications and requests;
· Assign direct requests and unresolved issues to the designated department;
· Meet Quality and Productivity standards;
· Record details of inquiries, comments, complaints and actions taken;
· Communicate with other departments, as needed;
· This position reports to the Team Leader/Supervisor.


-Besides a base salary, you will be highly compensated for all your efforts during the season, so there’s no need to mention the night and the weekend bonuses;

-Highly flexible schedule;

-Fun and engaging perks during the race weekends;

-Opportunity to join the permanent staff;

We hope we’ve convinced you to come and meet us! We’re looking forward to welcoming our new colleagues!


We’re looking for a person with strong interest in customer service and sales to fill in our sales support representative position. Our new colleague will be in charge of assisting our american customers in making the best purchasing decisions.

•    We offer a comprehensive communication training program that will help you both in your professional and personal life;

•    We also offer a good benefits package that will motivate you to be the best version of yourself;


•    Excellent English skills;

•    Not a morning person: we’re looking for someone who is comfortable working in the evening shift; 😊

•    Good command of computer skills;

•    Confident and charismatic person;

•    Experience in sales and customer service is a bonus

•    You are able to work in the evening shift- 18:00-02:00

The Location: Our location is close to the DRISTOR metro station. This is a great place to work as you’ll be close to: Park Lake Mall, Titan and IOR Parc, plenty of places where you can take your lunch and so on 😊

Why Should You Apply?

•    It’s a great career start in sales;

•    You will definitely be interested in our benefits package;

•    You will find understanding and flexibility in our schedule;​​​​​

•    You will be challenged and encouraged to be the best version of yourself!

Curious to meet us? Come for an interview! The coffee’s on us 😊

WPG’s culture is built upon the principles of Integrity, Fellowship, Engagement, Progress and Discipline. Our passion is to help develop the individual; we are truly focused on empowering our staff members by helping them achieve their career goals.
We encourage you to give your best by providing great incentives, tailored training and an exceptional environment, where you can make great friends and gain exposure to a dynamic industry with multiple professional and personal growth opportunities.

If you would like to be part of a young team of professionals and of what we like to call the WPG spirit all you have to do is send us a CV at and be prepared to do what you like!