Our Approach

WPG believes in the value of real partnership. When you choose to work with us, you’re getting a partner who understands your business challenges and can bring in a dedicated team of experts that can work as an extension of your staff and provide true collaboration, flexibility and scalability exactly when it is needed. This approach gives you the best of both worlds, outside expertise and full strategic control.

At WPG, we are committed to operating our business in a way that delivers lasting benefit to your customers and shareholders.

By following a thorough process that travels from initial discovery to full-blown partnership, WPG works with you every step of the way and adapts its recommendations to your business model to create a journey of continuous improvement, so you can achieve your business goals.

WPG will engage your organization at any stage of this process to help you develop, execute, and/or monitor a comprehensive improvement strategy that can optimize your critical business processes, break down information silos in both organizations, align with your processes and streamline our own workforce tasks.

We set the standard for contact center solutions. Our ability to evolve with the times has allowed us to break into new markets and keep our clients on the forefront of multi-communication channel management options and best practices in several areas:


Basic answering services


Inbound customer service


Full service outbound contact center


Market research


Chat, email, and social media response


Multilingual contact center


Automated (IVR)

When you partner with WPG, you also enjoy many more benefits to support and grow your business:

Management experience and the familiarity with the requirements for building successful operations have created the following highly developed competencies:

Project Management

We maintain consistent control and monitoring of the project to evaluate on an ongoing basis, the processes and technologies in place to always improve the way we do business. We customize our service applications to assist you in meeting your business objectives.


Quality Management

Frontlines QA support ensures your customers receive a consistently high level of quality care regardless of the delivery channel. This includes: Calibration sessions, allow supervisor shadowing a customer representative, Digital audio recording and Remote monitoring.


Transition Management

According to the process requirements, we ensure migration of the business process along with staffing, technology, quality procedures, training and reporting.

Operation Management

We consistently manage the business process in-house and ensure you quality and results to meet your needs.

Our success also depends in part on our ability to attract and retain skilled employees and managers, and on the ability of our key employees to manage our operations successfully. Our goal is to provide enhanced services in a proactive and responsive manner, acting as a partner in our client’s business.

We provide cutting-edge training and continuing education programs supported by a management team focused on nurturing employees. Additionally, we practice a corporate culture whose foundation is built on respect, cooperation, opportunity, courteous service and results.