The basic purpose of any marketing tool is to sell. The actual sale can be done on several ways depending on different characteristics. There is a big difference between putting a product in a shop, waiting for the customers to buy it and launching a telemarketing campaign, in which you`re using the phone as an interactive media for promotional communication.

Done professionally, a telemarketing campaign can deliver far better results than traditional marketing campaigns. The explanation is simple – in a phone call you can easily and directly empathize with the customers, on an emotional level. Also, you can lead the conversation in which direction you want, based on the customer needs you notice.

Unfortunately, a lot of telemarketing campaigns are unable to deliver the desired outcomes. And that is because most telemarketers are not using a well-crafted approach which combines business communication best practices and the right amount of personal touch required to gain personal involvement from your potential leads.

Here are some tips to follow for a successful outbound telemarketing:


1. Proactively listen to what your customers want 


By introducing your product and brand to new prospects and existing customers, you must deliver and effectively promote their values. If you listen carefully to what the customers want and need, then great results are bound to happen. Depending on which values are more likely appreciated by the people you`re talking to, you can win the trust of customers.


2. Speak slowly and clearly


One of the most important tips is to not be nervous when you start a cold calling. You should speak with confidence and clarity in order to inspire trust in what you`re selling. Of course, not everything just comes naturally, but if you`re self-confident and you properly deliver the advantages and values of the product or brand you`re promoting, you`ll be able to manage any situation.  Maintain a natural tone and try not to sound robotic.


3. Plan carefully


For a successful outbound  telemarketing preparation is required. That means you should research everything, from your target market, size and sector of business to previous successful examples of your company`s work. It is imperative to give and ensure appropriate answers to each of the queries that customers might be having.


4. Accept politely a “no”


You don`t have to force a sale, that shows lack of professionalism. Ideally, during phone calls you should focus on qualities and benefits of the brand, product or services you`re promoting. Of course, sometimes the response will be “no”, in those situations you can politely argue your case, but don`t insist if it’s not necessary.


5. Be prepared for objections


Many telemarketers encounter objections over the phone. Some people will be reluctant to receive the information you provide. However, in order to successfully convert those in new customers and revenue streams you have to effectively combine convincing skills with the proper outbound calling techniques. Therefore, take the time to explain how what you`re selling is different and better than other companies.


6. Establish a rapport


It is important to develop rapport and understanding with customers before you go deeper into the sale process. That means, you should note every problem your customer faces in order to showcase how your product can constitute a solution. This way you`ll know what attributes need to be highlighted.


7. Human touch


A right amount of personal touch is required to gain personal involvement from your potential leads. So, in order to create a human connection, try to sound comfortable and relaxed during phone calls. Also, use a natural language to sound more genuine and interesting. Of course, data is extremely important but try to deliver it with better flow. Another important aspect is to smile, even if the customers are not able to see you, your voice will sound more energetic and positive.


8. Take action


Show professionalism by taking action on your calls. If you promise your customer something, keep your promises. If you schedule another call, be sure you do it, if you promise to send an offer via e-mail, do it that day. That worst you can do is waste anybody`s time. Therefore, always provide what is necessary.


9. Practice is the key


Of course, the first time, things may not go as good as you think they would. But, over time you`ll get comfortable. The important thing is to stick to the plan, do your research and be confident. In time you`ll learn the required skills and overcome any problems you may encounter.


10. Manage time effectively


In a phone call every second is critical, you should manage your time as effective as you can. This is the best way to maximize the productivity of your outbound calling strategy. For that, try to monitor your calls and find the average time lapse you spend. Knowing that will help you structure your speech better.


11. Use scrips but don`t rely on them


In order to take away some of the anxiety and reduce stress which might arise during phone calls, scripts may help. Nevertheless, scrips help you retain information, avoid mistakes and maintain consistency in your outbound call. However, sometimes, you`ll be put in situations that require flexibility, so don`t limit yourself on them. A well written script provides all the necessary data and don`t restricts you in any way.


12. End a call politely


In telemarketing is important to always be polite and calm. Evan if you don`t get what you were expecting, remember to always thank kindly for their time. Sometimes the response will be even ruder in those situations you should remain polite and calmly explain yourself.

WPG provides custom-made telemarketing services & campaigns. Our staff work on the initial ground work of identifying & pre-qualifying new business relationships. We then work with you on converting these leads into new customers and revenue streams.

Our team acts as an extension of your company by introducing your product and brand to new prospects and existing customers. We use a well-crafted approach which combines business communication best practices and the right amount of personal touch required to gain personal involvement from your potential leads and jump-start the relationship. We like to call this “our social selling approach”.