Become part of the Spectacle of the World’s Fastest brand!

This is truly a unique career opportunity to join our F1™ team and work with the best fans and the “fastest” company in the world!

Dear seeker,

If you’re looking for a way to raise your income just before the Christmas season, look no more! We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you!
Our client in the jewelry industry is directly collaborating with Santa Claus and.. you know just how chaotic the holiday season can get (have you ever ordered something online before Xmas?) So, in order to satisfy everybody and bring all the gifts in time – we decided that we need a team of customer service enthusiasts to work their magic in our cs department and restore the happiness back to the world ☺
It will be a 6 weeks journey alongside us, but we promise you’ll enjoy every single second of it! And we have thought about everything:

-Miss Claus designed a very special salary and benefits package to make sure everyone is comfortable and motivated to give their best efforts;
-Professional training offered by the reindeer coordinator herself;
-If you want to work from our office (which is super close to the Dristor metro station), we’ll bribe you with chocolate and cinnamon scent;
-If you want to work from the comfort of your own home, you also have the freedom to do so! (more chocolate for us 😊 );
-If you will want to stay in touch with us after the project, we’ll be more than happy to introduce you to other projects we currently have, according to your needs and wants.

Important, however:
Reindeers have their 6th sense quite developed and they can only work well with people who have:
-a fun and positive attitude;
-outside of the box thinking (you know… they spend way too much time packing boxes..);
-are able to explain Miss Claus how to send an email and how to do a troubleshooting when needed;
-last but not least, they should have excellent FRENCH or GERMAN skills (this is an inside information, but just between us: Santa will first arrive here this year);

Extra perks:
-you will only deal with Xmas letters, or tickets how they call them nowadays (Santa still has no phone number if you can imagine!);
-part-time helpers are more than welcome;
-you can choose your working hours as you want, this is not a regular 9-5 type of job;
-Are you originally from Lapland? That’s great! You can work from anywhere in the world (you just need a good internet connection, though).

So, if you think we did a good job in describing ourselves well and you think this is the kind of project you’d like to be a part of, we’re only one APPLY button away 😊 (that’s the first interview test, by the way)
Looking forward to meeting you!

Who are we?

WPG Solutions is a growing outsourcing company based in Bucharest, next to DRISTOR metro station, present in Romania for over 5 years.

What are we famous for?

There are many things to discover about us, but one of our trademarks is that we always strive to offer our employees a friendly and easy-going atmosphere to work in 😊

We are young at heart, full of energy and we’re known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike.

  • Mutual trust and communication are two of our strongest points
  • We believe in having fun at work, respecting and trusting each other, which makes our jobs a lot easier 😊

The Position:

We’re looking for a person with strong interest in customer service and sales to fill in our sales support representative position.  Our new colleague will be in charge of assisting out American customers to make the best purchasing decisions.

  • We offer a comprehensive communication training program that will help both in your professional and personal life;
  • We also offer a good benefits package that will motivate you to be the best version of yourself;


  • Excellent English skills;
  • Not a morning person: we’re looking for someone who is comfortable working in the evening shift; 😊
  • Good command of computer skills;
  • Confident and charismatic person;
  • Experience in sales and customer service is a bonus.

The Location: Our location is close to the DRISTOR metro station. This is a great place to work as you’ll be close to: Park Lake, Titan and IOR Parc, plenty of places where you can take your lunch and so on 😊

Why Should You Apply?

  • It’s a great career start in sales
  • You will definitely be interested in our benefits package
  • You will find understanding and flexibility in our schedule
  • F1™ has, of course, an unparalleled reputation worldwide with over 500+ million affluent consumers. Among the things that you may not have known about Formula 1 though is the fact that they selected  WPG as their worldwide contact center provider!This is truly an unique career opportunity to join our F1™ team and work with the best fans and the “fastest” company in the world!

    As a Customer Service Rep, you will be the one representing one of world’s premier brands and most exciting products.

    We are currently looking for a Full Time German speaker customer service representative. The overall responsibility will be to receive Inbound calls, handle chats and e-mails, ensure consistent productivity & quality of service and maintain customer satisfaction. 

    We are offering an excellent compensation package, fun benefits, flexible hours and a world-class multi-media training center/lounge. We are building a fast-paced culture that will be gratifying and “competitive” just like F1 ™


    -You will deal directly with customers either by telephone or electronically;

    -You will respond promptly to customer enquiries and complaints and resolve them accordingly;

    -You will process orders, forms, applications and requests;

    -You will assign direct requests and unresolved issues to the designated department;

    -Your work will need to meet the Quality and Productivity standards;

    – You will record details of inquiries, comments, complaints and actions taken;

    -You will communicate with other departments, as needed;

    This position reports to the Team Leader/Supervisor.

    As a FULL TIME candidate, you MUST be able to work on the 21 F1™Race Weekends and be flexible with work hours – as Race start time vary by Country

    If YOU believe you are the right person to join WPG – F1™, apply and we’ll get in touch with you!

WPG’s culture is built upon the principles of Integrity, Fellowship, Engagement, Progress and Discipline. Our passion is to help develop the individual; we are truly focused on empowering our staff members by helping them achieve their career goals.
We encourage you to give your best by providing great incentives, tailored training and an exceptional environment, where you can make great friends and gain exposure to a dynamic industry with multiple professional and personal growth opportunities.

If you would like to be part of a young team of professionals and of what we like to call the WPG spirit all you have to do is send us a CV at and be prepared to do what you like!